The Benefits of Attending Hosted Buyer Programs

Published: 28th April 2011
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Conducting hosted buyer programs are one of the ways of a company to be able to introduce their products or services to potential clients. At the same time, it also serves as a gateway for the attendees to explore more companies and have access to different business contracts.

Traditionally, in hosted buyer programs, the attendees or the clients-to-be looking for good business deals have to pay a fee to be able to attend a hosted buyer tradeshow. Also, the exhibitors or the company agents who wants to promote their company and look for potential clients also have to pay fees for the booth space.

The members of the hosted buyer programs (the attendees and the exhibitors) have to meet at a scheduled appointment. The suppliers or the exhibitors are stationed in a designated table while the attendees rotate in every table. The exhibitors are given 15 minutes to talk about the things that would convince the attendee to become their client.

Not everyone is qualified to be an attendee of hosted buyer programs. Most of the time, those who want to attend this kind of event needs to prove that they are capable of being clients of the exhibitors in the tradeshow. They have to apply to prove that they are qualified to be one of the buyers of the industry.

Once you have proven that you are qualified to be a hosted buyer some or all of your expenses while attending the program which includes, hotel accommodation fee, airfare, and food are covered by the show. The exhibitor fees are used to cover the expenses of the hosted buyers.

Aside from the fact that hosted buyers are given the chance to find a company where he may want to be a client in, they also benefit from the reduced expenses. This, way, the exhibitors benefit from the show by having access to buyers that have proven that they are qualified to be potential-purchasers.

Attending this kind of event opens more opportunities for the attendees to explore the world of business better. They are given a myriad of choices of companies where they want to invest in.

At the same time, while the attendees get a lot of benefits from this event, the exhibitors, aside from that they have access to potential buyers, are also able to promote their company to a lot of people. Even though they do not appear to be their regular buyers, at least they are able to make their company and the service they offer known.

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